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"I have dedicated my life to the service of others.  Living and working where neighbors help each other and communities come together is a blessing.  I enjoy being a part of a growing and thriving community.  There is great value in working together for better tomorrows.  I hope you will join me in the work.  I respectfully request the consideration of your vote and support in the March 5th Republican Primary for the Constable of Precinct 1."

On the Horizon


      Once elected as the Constable of Precinct 1 in Johnson County there will be changes.  It is my hope and expectation that most changes will be seamless through the actual day to day interworkings of the office and the responsibilities of the office to the public.  My specific plans for the office begin below.  While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a beginning.  Some of the ideas mentioned below will roll out over a few months, but many will take place quickly. 

Prepare Johnson County Constable Precinct One Office for the future growth of Johnson County
  • North Central Texas Council of Governments estimates the population of Johnson County will grow to 290,000 by 2030.  

  • I am the only candidate in this race that has the experience of dealing with the Civil Paperwork Load that comes with a large population.  The office I currently work for serves 11,000 Civil Papers per year. 

Bring the policy, procedures and practices inline with Law Enforcement Industry and Standards
  •  When elected as your constable I, intend to bring the office up to industry standards and best practices with policies, procedures and practices.

  •  Those actions will help reduce the liability to the Constable's Office and Johnson County as a whole. 

Retain employees and reduce the turnover rate of the office
  •  I will instill and foster an environment where employees are valued and respected.

  •  It is my intention to hire and retain competent, knowledgable and experienced deputies. 

Bring financial accountability and transparency to Precinct One Constable's Office
  •  I think from Main Street to Washington DC it is every elected official's responsibility to safeguard the citizen's money.

  •  It is my intention to streamline the office as a whole and bring accountability and transparency to every dollar issued to the Precinct One Constable's Office. 

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